Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Twos a Crowd?

Toni Jeffery, super talented fashion designer is set her sights high on her super cute online fashion line Jeffery Boutique on going global! My guesses is she has every right to do so! At 22 she has taught herself all the basic sewing techniques and now creates fabulous master pieces worn by girls all over the country. I get a sense that she really loves making these clothes for girls as she has a service where you can request a certain design in the size and colour you desire, is there anything better? One of my personal favourites of her designs is her two pieces, these are at the height of fashion at the moment and will be great for summer 2014. The 'Sienna' two piece has a plunge neckline with thin straps and a body con skirt (shown in last two pictures) Very Kim Kardashian...  

Check out her online website at http://www.jeffreyboutique.bigcartel.com
or visit her twitter and instagram by searching @jefferyboutique 

Tell me what you think! x

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